April Fairyloot Unboxing 

This months theme was Dreams and Wishes. 

As usual when you open the box there is a card with beautiful artwork depicting the theme. I loved this theme. Fairyloot are usually good and picking really nice themes.

This months goodies consisted of:

To the stars ceramic mug as exclusive design by Rosa Rodil. I may have squealed when I saw the mug. As a big fan of A Court of Mist and Fury this mug is perfect for me.  

A gemestone notebook from Portico. This notebook os really cute and pretty. The pages are gold tipped and has a nice shimmer to it.

Reverie Candle tin from Meraki Candles another exclusive item for Fairyloot. I love my candles and I am a big fan of Meraki Candles. This candle smells heavenly and is beautifully designed 

Dream Jar pin made exclusively by House of Wonderland. Follow your dreams magnet by Fairyloot!  Two more really cute items that sparkle nicely.


Little miss dreamer tote bag designed exclusively by Miss Phi. I really like the quote on this. It is stunning.

And finally to the book. This months book is   Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis a dark fantasy where land is scarce and sea levels are rising. The book looks to be from multiple points of view and longs interesting. With the book was a letter from the author, a signed book plate and this months fairyscope and bookmark.


Overall I was really happy with this months box 

Next months theme is Warriors and Legends. From the description I think I know what the book is. We will see next month if I’m right. 

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