April Candle Box from Bookwormcandles 

This months theme was ‘May the odds ever be in your favour’ which of course meant lots of hunger game goodies. The box came beautifully packaged and everything inside was individually wrapped making it like opening lots of little presents 

Inside was four 2oz candles and one 4oz candle, three quote bookmarks, a parachute necklace and a 20ml fragrance mist

Katniss candle is a beautiful purple and smells like plum, leather and woods

Peeta candle is a grey blue colour with gold glitter and smells of bread and dandelions 

Haymitch is a pale sort of teal and smells like wood smoke and liquor which is a surprisingly nice combination 

Effie is a lovely peach with purple and gold glitter smelling of butterflies and mahogany 

The Katniss and Peeta’s Cave Kisses is a beautiful green with glitter and smells of dandelions, real ness and fresh. All the candles smell beautiful but this one is my favourite 

The fragrance mist is Peeta’s bakery and smells of almonds, sugar and love. It is lovely and perfectly sized to carry round in your bag

The three bookmarks are laminated and have three well known quotes from the books

The parachute necklace is on a bronze 18inch chain with a pearl to finish it off. 

I loved everything in this box and think it is great value for money. Next months theme is Heroes of Olympus 

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