BookBox Club: Wizards at War Unboxing 

As a lover of all things magic I was excited when this months theme was announced. The first thing I saw when opening the box was the pretty art work that went with is months theme and then a whole lot of wonderful wizard themed items

This months box included:

 A really cute Dumbledore pin from The Potter Emporium. I think this little guy will look really nice pinned to my bag.

 When I opened the box I was hit by the most gorgeous smell which turned out to by this bath bomb. This is the Sorting Hat bath bomb from Scentd.

A darker shade of magic print from Sip and Read with a wonderful quote from the book.

  Unicorn Gandalf notebook by Magpie Neon which is the cutest thing ever. The pages are blank so it is perfect for doodling.

 Wizards got world pencils by BookBox Club themselves. Both have bookish quotes on them and are perfect to use with the notebook. 

And some extra bookish goodies which include a map of Prythian, a bookmark and a postcard.

Now to this months book:

Spellslinger by Sebastian de Castell. Of course this book is about magic and wizardry. Kellen comes from a talented magic family he is on a deadline to prove his talents as a Mage but when a mysterious wildcard arrives in town kellen finds himself drawn into a world of wit, wonder, war and aggressive furry animals!

This book sounds really intriguing and has beautiful cover.

Inside is also beautifully designed. I can’t wait to get reading.

I was also lucky enough to win an extra goodie in my box this month. It’s not often I win things so I am extra happy with my wand by A Woodworkers Son. I love it and think it will look great on my bookcase with my Harry Potter books. 

This months book was my favourite so far. Unfortunately I won’t be getting next months as I need to save money but will be keeping an eye out to find out what is inside. Next months theme is school room scandals.

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