Heroes of Olympus candle box

This months box from Bookwormcandles was Percy Jackson themed. 

I loved everything I this book and this month we got a something new to Bookwormcandles shop. 
A book sleeve inspired by Annabeth. She is a strong a wise character so this design is perfect for her character. The sleeve is a good size and could fit two paperbacks inside. The chat is pretty and a nice extra touch. 

The Annabeth charm bracelet. It is fairly simple but beautiful. The clasp is very pretty and the silver design means it will go with pretty much any outfit.

Percy’s chocolate chip cookies lip balm. I’m not usually into chocolate scents but this is not too over powering and smells lovely. It leaves your lips feeling nice a smooth. 

And now to the candles because a box from Bookwormcandles wouldn’t be complete without candles.

Camp Jupiter 4oz candle is lovely. In camp colours it is stunning. Purple is one of my favourite colours and the blue glitter is stunning. It smells really fresh, like a gentle breeze in a meadow.

Camp Halfblood 4oz candle is a beautiful orange colour again in camp colours. With black glitter it reminds me of a camp fire. It smells like roast marshmallows a lovely sweet scent.

Percy Jackson 2oz candle. The colour is beautiful and the new mini jars are really cute. This is my favourite scent. It just smells really fresh, like a day at the beach.

I really liked everything in the box. The addition of the book sleeve was amazing. The new scent cards fantastic. They give you a bit about what inspired the candle and what the scent is. They also double up as great bookmarks!

I was also lucky enough to receive this months golden ticket. I squealed with excitement when I found this in my book sleeve.

Next months theme is to do with Alice in Wonderland which I am very excited about as it is one of my favourite classics. Bookwormcandles never seems to disappoint so much sure next months box will be great.

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