The Witches Kiss/Tears Review

I have decided to review these two books together as i read the close together. By sister Katharine and Elizabeth Corr The witches kiss is a retelling of Sleeping beauty and I love retellings. The witches tears is the sequel.

The Witches Kiss


Can true love’s kiss save the day…?

Electrifying dark magic debut by authors and sisters, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

Sixteeen-year-old Meredith is fed-up with her feuding family and feeling invisible at school not to mention the witch magic that shoots out of her fingernails when she’s stressed. Then sweet, sensitive Jack comes into her life and she falls for him hard. The only problem is that he is periodically possessed by a destructive centuries-old curse.

Meredith has lost her heart, but will she also lose her life? Or in true fairytale tradition, can true love’s kiss save the day?

I liked the story. The gender of sleeping beauty was switched to a make. Jake was a likeable character of who was just extremely unlucky to be born to the parents of a queen who had pissed off a wizard. Jake gets turned into a monster in revenge against his mother. He is actually a really nice character cursed with a monster inside him. In the end his willingness to be sacrificed is heroic.

Merry is the main character. Most of the book is from her point of view. She is a special snowflake with unnaturally powerful magic. She comes from a family of witches but her mother refuses to let her learn in fear of the curse that binds their family to Jack. Merry is bound by magic to save Jack and deafeat the evil wizard but she is untrained. Merry is a bit annoying at times. She moans a lot. Her falling for Jack was so obvious. She is rather shallow to begin with using her magic for silly things bit she is a teenager so it is understandable. She learns along the way that magic has consequences and should be used wisely.

Leo is my favourite person in this book. He is secondary to his sister Merry as men can’t be witches and in wizard families females don’t have magic. Why? I have no idea. I don’t see why Leo couln’t have magic. Even without powers he is still the best thing about this book. He is smart and logical about the situation they are in. For some reason he can also read the manuscript that only Merry is supposed to be able to read. Without Leo Merry would not have succeeded even though the coven try to stop him from helping her. I wish more of the book was from his point of view as he isn’t as winey as his sister.

Overall I enjoyed the story. Switching between current day and the past was an interesting way tell the story. It was just a nice story but not mind blowing. I liked the setting of a small villiage on the outskirts of the city. The story was predictable but still a nice read.

The Witches Tears


Can true love’s kiss break your heart…?

The spellbinding sequel to THE WITCH’S KISS by authors and sisters, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

It’s not easy being a teenage witch. Just ask Merry. She’s drowning in textbooks and rules set by the coven, drowning in heartbreak after the loss of Jack. But Merry is not the only one whose fairy tale is over.

Big brother Leo is falling apart and everything Merry does seems to push him further to the brink. And everything that happens to Leo makes her ache for revenge. So, when strangers offering friendship show them a different path, they’d be mad not to take it

Some rules were made to be broken, right?

The darkly magical sequel to THE WITCH’S KISS burns wickedly bright.

With the way the first book ended and it just being a book i liked rather than loved. I didn’t run out to read this. After reading a few anticipated realises I came became to the world of Merry and Leo and im glad I did as I loved this book.

My want for more from Leo’s perspective was not granted. We actually get less from his point of view. However I didn’t find Merry as annoying in this book as the first. Dealing with the aftermath of what happened in the first book their is a rift between Leo and Merry. They are both suffering from a lose of a loved one and don’t know how to move on. I like how the book shows both characters trying to deal with their grief. It isn’t something you just get over and they both deal with it differently.

On top of that Merry is struggling with her magic lessons and the covers treating her like an outsider. They seen to fear the way her powers work as they are not typical of how witch magic is done.

This book introduces two wizards. Ronan, a wizard nomad, constantly moving from place to place. He takes a liking to Leo. Merry hopes he will be good to help Leo recover but he is a wizard and witches cant trust wizards. Then there is Finn from one of the wizard dynasty families. He is stuck up and arrogant but seems to want to help. Can he really be trusted though?

With mysterious deaths of witches and a unsettling magic presence in the area. Merry needs to get to the bottom of things but she hasn’t got Leo by her side this time and dosn’t know who she can truly trust.

I liked his book a lot more than the first. You didn’t know who you could trust and I kept second guessing people’s motives in this book. I like the introduction of the new characters. As I neared the end I was panicking as their was no enough pages to wrap the story up. It ended leaving me wanting more. I can’t wait for the next book coming out next year. I need to know what happens next but next march is so far away.


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