Curiouser and Curiouser: June Bookworm Candle Box

I am a big Alice in wonderland Fan (I know your probably thinking what is she not a fan of…) So I was super excited for this months box from BookWorm Candles. This months box was extra special with a different type of candle never before seen in one of theses boxes. This is probably my favourite box so far.

The box came beautifully packaged as always. Inside were three candles and three other wonderfully bookish items all related to Alice in Wonderland.

The first item I opened is my faivoute thing in the box. A tea cup candle inspired by the Mad Hatters tea party. It is meant to smell like afternoon tea and fresh scones but to me it smells like fresh lime and lemon tea. Either way I love it.

A 2oz Drink Me starter tin candle. This candle smells like fresh citrius fruit. The description says the scent is mandarin, shrinking and regret. It is. A really pretty pink with pink and green glitter.

A 2oz Eat Me mini starter tin candle. This is such a pretty candle. The little balls on top really make it look like a cake. It smells exactly like it is meant to cake! The scent is so good I have to remind myself it isn’t actually edible.

I love all three candle scents. Once again Bookworm Candles has produced both pretty to look at and lovely scented candles. The moments picked for the candle names are perfect to go with he theme of alice in wonderland. 

The other bookish items include: A quote fridge magnet. It is really cute and will brighten up my kitchen. I also really liked the little message written on the envelope of the magnet.

A gold necklace inspired by the Queen of Hearts and The White Rabbit. The chain is 18 inches long. The heart is beautiful with a cute clock. I love the swirls of glitter in the heart. It is a stunning piece to wear for any occasion.

And finally a tote bag with a quote from Marissa Meyer’s Heartless. A retelling about the Queen of hearts, of course I happen to also own this book. I always love a good tote and one with a book quote is even better. 

I loved everything in this box. Everything about it seemed speacil to me. The candles are almost too pretty to burn. I don’t now hoe this box can be topped.

Next months a theme is:

Yes I am a Harry Potter Fan! I can’t wait to see what else Bookworm Candles has in store for us.

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