Mythical creatures Stationery Geekette box

This was the last stationery geekette box as they will no longer being doing them any more and they decided to go out with a bang!

The box was a great variety of items and worth every penny.

The box included a beautiful bird postcard from papiopress and is made of 100% recycled paper.

Mother of dragons Bookmark made by Jessica Scissorhands. It’s a simple but stunning design and the card is a lovely texture.


A silver necklace. I’m not sure if it is a dragon or a Phoenix either way it looks great.

Something magical planner sticker kit from mix and match planner. It’s a beautiful set and a good amount of stickers that will look great in my planner.

A little dragon paper clip from little dragon jewellery. This is my favourite item. The dragon is so cute and is going to be a great feature in my planner.

Dragon blood wax melts from Geekette creations. I never knew dragon blood smelled so good.

The featured book is the Stars never rise. It looks interesting and will probably be my next read once I finish what I’m currently reading.

There was also a feather sticker in the box but my two year old pinched it. 

I loved this box. It is one of the best the stationery geekette has done and it is a shame to see them go.

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