Spells and Remedies: bookbox club review 

This month I was surprised by the arrival of my box as their was a mess up with dispatch emails. It was nice surprise as I having a rubbish day and it cheered me up. Nothing like book mail to put a smile on your face. 

This months theme was was spells and remedies Once again bookbox club deliver another great box. There was a nice selection of items some of which I’ve never received from this box before 

The box included: 

Spells and remedies bunting from The Literary Omnistore. This bunting is great. It is really pretty and something different I haven’t received in a book box before.

The bunting is currently hung on my bookcase and it looks great. This is my favourite item in this months box. I will definitely be paying this shop a visit.

Wonders bookmark by Holly Grace Illustration. The design is beautiful and I always need a bookmark as mine I always disappearing when I need them and reappear in the strangest places. 

Hocus Pocus tea from The Bluebird Tea Company. I love tea but I’m not very adventurous with it. I will give it a try when I’m feeling brave but I am a creature of habit. You never know I may be pleasantly surprised. 

Raven Boys Soaps from Just Fribble. This soap smells amazing. Hopefully I will come out the shower smelling just as good. 

Unashamedly bookish mirror by Moon Kestrel. This mirror is so cute and I love it.

This months featured book was The Disappearancea by Emily Bain Murphy a shimmering magical feast of a book set in a sterling a strange cursed town where the inhabitants slowly and very literally losing their senses.

I can’t wait to get reading as this book sounds interesting. As usual I loved my book box.

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