YALC: Young Adult Literture Convention 

This year my sister and I decided to go to YALC in London. We were only able to go for one day but we were going to make sure we had a great time. The train ride down we excitedly planned our day at YALC 

I had a list of authors I wanted to meet, talks we wanted to hear and workshops we wanted to attend. Not everything went to plan but we had a great time. All the stands had stacks of goodies and activities. We both got so much new stuff and discovered new authors.

Just some of the authors we met included Katherine and Elisabeth Corr, Lisa Williams, Melinda Salisbury, Alwyn Hamilton and so many more

We decorated cups with Trish Morgan author of Mirror Image. I wish we had come across her before I spent all my money as her book sounds amazing and she was really nice.

We also took part in art eating art workshop. It was so much fun and really interesting.

We also met the lovely ladies behind the book box club. They were so sweet and great to talk to. As you can see I had a suitcase full of books.

This is just some of what I brought back with me. The pile one the left were all free proofs. I can’t wait for next year. We are going to try to go for the whole weekend next time.

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