Fierce Winds Rising Review 

I was sent this book for free by the author for my honest opinion 


Dark skies loom over the continent of Ersellis. The ambitious Artem Harroll and the dutiful Seralynd Westerberg are on the verge of forging an alliance between their kingdoms. Together they will shatter the balance of power in Ersellis and drag the continent to the brink of war. In the neighboring state, a group of elite mercenaries–The White Feather Company–prepare for the inevitable conflict. Through the leadership of their commander, the fiery Rosamund Red, they tackle difficult tasks to secure the future of their company and safeguard the Republic of Isoldien, their employer. As the fierce winds of the coming storm rise, those who are wise enough scheme and maneuver to advance their personal interests. Steel and magic will collide in a deadly game of wits. Who will prevail, and who will be forgotten? In the midst of chaos, strength and resolve will be tested, nameless heroes will fulfill their duties, and the commoners will endure. For some, it is business as usual.

What this book did well was world building. It successfully built a vivid world in political turmoil. I could picture everything really well. This however is about all I liked about the book.

The story was really slow paced and dragged. I found it difficult to get through. There were just too many different point of view characters. The story really didn’t need that many point of views. It didn’t actually need as many characters as it had. I lost track of who was who and what they were doing far to often. 

In some parts the author was too descriptive. I don’t constantly need to be reminded of what characters full titles are or exactly what was on the queens breakfast plate. I found myself skimming passages of too much description.

The chapters were way to long. I feel some could have been split into two or even three chapters. The prologue and epilogue were so long and the way they were written they may as well have just been normal chapters.

The way it ended was very sudden. There was no wind down or final battle or big revelation, it just ended and I was like oh.

The premise sounded good but unfortunately the delivery wasn’t great 


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