Prisoner of Ice and Snow

I received this book for free off net gallery for my honest opinion 



Her parents were cast out from the royal court. Her sister was banished for theft of a national treasure. Now Valor has been sentenced to life at Demidova, a brutal prison built from stone and ice. 

But that’s exactly where she wants to be: her sister was sent there too, and Valor intends to break her out.

From the inside. 

No one has escaped Demidova in over three hundred years though, and if Valor is to succeed, she will need all of her strength, courage and love. 

If her plan fails, Valor faces a fate worse than any prison . . . 

I don’t often read middle grade books but this one caught my attention and I’m glad it did. I really enjoyed this story. It is fast paced action packed book. It’s prison break set in a fantasy world. The story starts straight away with the action. Valor purposely gets herself arrested so she is in the perfect position to break her sister out. Valor believes her sister stole a priceless music box but little does she know her sister is innocent and greater powers are at play to make sure she stays locked up.

Valor is a strong and clever girl. She is only thirteen but her planning skills are amazing and she is a brilliant shot with a bow. Sasha isn’t as tough as her sister but is very politically minded and has a way with words. 

The world building was really good. I felt like I was there with Valour in the ice at times. I worked out the culprit really fast but the sisters journey of getting back to one another, escaping and then trying to clear their names was enjoyable. I will definitely be on the look out for the sequel.

About the author

Ruth Lauren lives in an old Victorian house in the West Midlands with a lot of children and cats.


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