Quest and Legends BookBox Club unboxing 

Octobers theme was Quests and Legends and once again the box was full of cute bookish items

Love this bookmark. This quote is my life. The wood is thick and sturdy. There is no way I’m going to break this baby.

These stickers are the cutest. I need to think about where to put them as I want them to be seen.

Beautiful mug. The design is stunning.  I have placed it by the kettle ready for when I make a cuppa.

The perfect companion to the mug. This chocolate spoon looks amazing. It’s no secret I love chocolate so I can’t wait to try it.

I love these earrings they are so cute and pretty they went straight in my ears.

I love this months goodies and how well they complement each other. The earrings are definitely my favourite.

And some extra bookish goodies in the form of postcards and bookmarks. Can never have too many bookmarks I loose them all the time and one goes with this months book.

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