I am a Writer

I’m an in the closet writer and what’s the best way to come out? blog about it. It really isn’t a surprise that I am a writer as I have this blog so obviously I write. but this is just a hobby. It’s not my job so I’m not a writer. I have a been working on my series Crystal Heart for nearly two years but it’s not published yet so I’m not a writer. But this is wrong. I write so therefore I am a writer.

A few months ago I went to register out daughter’s birth. The register asked what I did. I was going to say student or homemaker (hate that phrase but that’s a whole other post). I told her I’m a writer. She smiled and wrote added it to the birth certificate.  It is now forever immortalised in ink that I am a writer on my daughter’s birth certificate.

Why was I so shy about admitting that I’m a writer? because of what others would say next. like what have you published you know professionally? Nothing. Afraid they would tell me to get a real job, you’re not a real writer and to stop  dreaming. But this is my dream and I’m not giving it up. I will work my but off and one day I will be published. My story started off as a dream and now I have a completed manuscript submitted to publishers. And you never know they might not say any of these things. They may be like the registrar and smile accepting that I’m a writer

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