Week Overview 15-21 April

This week has been exciting and nerve racking for me. On Monday I sent Crystal Heart to my group of beta readers to critique. It is exciting having it out there in the hands for avid readers, who I know enjoy YA fantasy. However it also makes me really nervous. These people like to read and have read lots of good books so they will have certain expectations. What if Crystal Heart just doesn’t live up to those exceptions. What if when I get their feedback they all hated it? It would break my heart but these are all what ifs. I can’t keep worrying about the unknown, for all I know they will love it. Why is it in these situations we always jump to the negative? So I decided to stop dwelling on it and focus on something else.

This something else happened to be an essay to critically evaluate a self help extract. To be honest this has been the least interesting topic in my course so far. So after being driven crazy by self help, I decided to put my energy into something else again. As it is Easter, this involved appropriately themed crafts with the kids.

This included making an Easter gingerbread house, as gingerbread is not just for Christmas, making bunny masks, decorating eggs and Easter bonnets, making chick windmills to go in the garden and decorating fairy cakes. This was a lot more fun than the essay and the kids were entertained for hours. I have also started reading the night circus again hoping to finish it this time and not have life get in the way again. I will admit having all these deadlines looming is stressing me out slightly but I believe in the long run it will all be worth it.

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