Week Roundup 22-28 April

I am starting to feel sick of chocolate if that is even possible. I have eaten way too many Easter eggs but when chocolate is offered I can’t seem to say no and for some reason it just tastes so good when it comes in the form of an egg. Why? I have no idea.

This week I have gone candle crazy. My friend recently started selling party lite. You see I already had a candle problem but now I have someone I see often to feed my addiction. I love all the different scent you can get and they can really set the mood. When I’m writing certain scenes the right candle can really help with inspiration. The main problem I have is that I don’t ever want to run out of a scent so never burn a candle to the end so my collection has been growing. I have had to push myself into actually burning a candle to the end and tell myself ‘you can buy more’ as i will anyway so may as well make space for the new ones.

My recent haul of candle related items, after hosting a party. It was great fun and I got all these goodies. The problem is my wish list is forever going. (I have a similar issue with books).

Anyway back to my writing journey. I will be honest I have been staring at a blank page for a couple of days. While waiting on feedback for Crystal Heart I thought I would start on one of my other ideas that have been floating around. However the words didn’t come easy. I always find the first line hard, once I get going things just sort of flow uncontrollable. This doesn’t necessary read well, but that is what revisions and editing are for (also known as hacking the first draft to pieces, putting it back to better and taking it apart again before making it shine). The first line, the first paragraph I always find the hardest. I now have a sum total of 500 words for this new project. It isn’t a lot but it is better than a blank page and it will only grow from there.

and of course Avengers: end Game came out this week so of course I went to see it. Don’t worry spoil it for anyone. All I will say is Wow! I will write a review this week so keep an eye out for that.

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