Dance comps/ 29 April – 5 May

This week I haven’t done much writing but I have been busy. This weekend was dance competitions for my eldest daughter. Number 2 used to dance with her but she quit to become a ninja but that’s a whole other post.

I do like seeing her dance but whenever I take her to these competitions I always feel so out of place. It’s all glitzy and glamour, which is just not me. What this weekend has taught me is that I need to buy more makeup and hairspray! Hairspray is life at these things! I also need to get better at applying makeup. I don’t wear makeup often, mostly because I cannot be bothered, so I’m not good at it but I’m willing to learn to help her. One thing I can say is at least I know how to do her hair. This weekends style was really easy, three dance in a bun and another in two buns (lion ears).

Now she didn’t win, not once but that’s okay. She tried her best and that’s all that matters. She did her first solo and remembered all the steps! She was so cute up there. It was two long days and the time between dances was really boring but it’s what we parents do to support our children.

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