Finale collectors edition Fairyloot box

I so excited when I managed to get one of the Finale collectors edition Fairyloot box as they sold out really quickly and I love this series. I really enjoyed Caraval, the imagery was great and I really connected with Scarlett. However when I read the description of Legendary I wasn’t over excited as it sounded just like the first one but from Tella’s point of view but oh was I wrong. I actually enjoyed Legendary more than Caraval and have been excitedly waiting for Finale to come out. So when I heard about Fairyloot doing this box I just had to get it.

So as you an see these box was full of wonderful goodies all inspired by the book and to top it off this is a special edition of the book only for Fairyloot.

This version of the book is absolutely stunning and the sprayed edges are amazing. Also in the book was this gorgeous book sleeve from @tararjah. The fabric is fabulous and padded nicely. It’s a really good size so will fit those big hardbacks in easy.

These character cards are beautiful and really capture the characters well. I’m not sure what to do with them but they are so pretty. Designed by . I like collecting Bookish pins and I love these as they are so pretty. The top hat is my favourite out of the two designed by @dustandpages and the cute aracle pin was designed by @_iceydesigns

This lip balm is obviously inspired by the prince of hearts deadly kiss. From @littleheartsgifts exclusive to this box, it is really smooth and smells lovely.

Caraval sisters mug (see other side below) is one of my favourite items. It’s designed by @catarinabookdesigns . I have a not so small collection of mugs that drives my husband crazy and this is another beautiful addition.

This midnight maze candle smells wonderful, like walking through a garden of flowers on a spring day. It is so pretty and sparkly with all that glitter. Hand poured by @bookishburns

Another of my favourite items is the fates playing card deck which features artwork by @lexaarts_ of the prince of hearts, the fallen star, The poisoner and mistress luck.

The magnetic book marks of the are adorable. The set is of the main five and are brought to us by @idlestuff

I love love love this print! Designed by @morgana0anagrom. The artwork is beautiful and I love it. This one may get a frame. The playing card necklace is really cute but not anything special.

This exclusive collectible legend figurine from @noverantale is so cute. He has already found a place on my bookcase. And some more beautiful artwork on these bookmarks by @arz28 again I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these as they are too pretty to be used as bookmarks.

Okay now this really is my favourite item. This Caraval blanket is gorgeous, designed by @monolimart. The whole image is wonderfully detailed. It is lovely, soft and super snuggley!

And of course I had to show you what was hidden under the dust jacket. As usual it is hiding something beautiful.

I really loved this box. All the items are great and well thought out. The fact that I haven’t had a book box in a while made this extra special.

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