To do list

So it’s now half way through June and I he no idea where the time has gone. This time next month my baby will be one. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was walking around absolutely huge wishing she would hurry up and arrive. Of course she took her sweet time bout arriving but she was well worth the wait.

I have had a little break from writing these last few weeks. The stress of three kids, running them to school and their clubs with the lack of sleep that comes with a teething baby haven’t left me with much time. The joys of working from home means I can take the time to sort my head out but now it means I am way behind schedule. I have lots of catching up to do but luckily I have a supportive husband who is on his summer shifts so is around more.

So my to do list includes:

Review A incidental lovestyle (spoiler: it’s good)

Read wunderkids part 1 and 2

Write reviews for wunderkids part 1 and 2

Build stock for summer fair

Plan baby’s first birthday

Start rewriting Crystal Heart book 2

So not a very long list but they are not exactly small tasks. Book 1 is currently with my publisher but I’m sure once they are done reviewing it they will add more to my list. Wish me luck.

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