Review: An Incidental Lovestyle

An Incidental Lovestyle (The Lovestyle Series Book 3) by  Kiltie Jackson

About the book:

It only takes one small incident to change your life…

Jenny Marshall is your stereotypical, middle-aged, spinster. She works in a library, has two cats and likes cake. She has her dreams but not the courage to chase them.

Jeff Rowland fell in love at first sight with Jenny four years ago but hasn’t seen her since. When they bump into each other again, he realises his feelings haven’t changed.

When Jenny’s car breaks down on a cold winter’s day, it sets off a chain of events which brings them together in a way neither could ever have imagined. Both, however, have dark secrets in their past which begin to seep into their present.

Will these secrets bring them closer together?

Or will they shatter their relationship beyond repair?


This isn’t my usual genre but I like to occasionally switch it up. I liked the first book in the series so went for this ( I have somehow missed the second but luckily it can be read without having read the others). From the description it sounds like your bog standard romance but so did A rock n roll lovestyle and I have learnt that in Kilties books they are more than they seem.

I really enjoyed this book. The writing has grown from when Kiltie started the series. The descriptions were fantastic. Everything felt more in depth and visual. It really felt like I was in that shop with them. I found myself falling in love with the pretty little village it was set in.

It was great getting to know the characters and seeing them evolve.  They are just normal people doing everyday things when a small incident puts each character on a completely different path they were on before. It was great seeing where these new paths took each character and how the relationships grew into much stronger bonds.

I enjoyed both lead characters story’s. They both seem like such happy sweet people but as you get to know them you learn the dark secrets of their pasts and realise how strong they are. The only character I didn’t like was Sam. I just couldn’t get on with this character after her outburst at one of the contractors part way from the story. I understand she was upset but her behaviour was awful and she didn’t apologise later for it. If the genders had been reversed in that situation I don’t think that scene would have even been written. So I ended up not being able to like this character even when she started acting in a better way later on.

Kiltie has a way of making you think you know what’s going to happen next, then dragging the rug from under your feet  and surprising you on the next page. Even when you think everything’s wrapped up and they are all going to live happily ever after there is another twist. Now I’m going to go back and read the second one.

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