Writing 02-08 Sept 2019

I haven’t updated you on the progress of Crystal Heart recently because honestly there hasn’t been any.  Publishing a book is a very long and slow process. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes it is ridiculous. It is not as simple as write a story, print it and hope people buy. There is so much editing and then more editing. Sending it out to beta readers, getting feed back then editing again. book one is going to line and proof editing this fall/autumn. Then there will be cover designs,  formatting and we can’t forgetting marketing. Whether you self publish or go down the more traditional route like me marketing is always important.

I can tell you though that I am currently writing book two. The name is still undecided. I keep changing my mind about what it should be. What I do know is that I have a plan. There is a general direction that these books will follow. The end destination is already decided. How the characters get to their end destination however is not. Everything is still in motion and changing constantly. No one is safe in my book world.  I will admit I do enjoy throwing all sorts of torment at my characters. Hopefully soon I will be able to introduce you to a few of them.

My author page is now up on the BHC press website. Link below


Progress may be slow but at least it is moving forward

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