Party Plans

Okay so my little heart warrior is turning five soon. It can’t believe it! Probably every parent feels this way when their child’s birthday comes around. I remember her birth very well and the aftermath. She was the smallest baby out of all three girls when they were born and of course she spent the longest in hospital. At just 12 days old she had open heart surgery and I thank god every day for the doctors, nurses and the magnificently skilled surgeon she had.  If you were to meet F you would never know what a rough start she had to her life.

So to celebrate F’s 5th birthday she has a raffle going to raise money for the children’s heart surgery fund. This charity helped support us during the time F was in hospital and have helped many other families like us. They also provide life saving equipment to LGI.  Our aim is to raise £100 to donate in her name.

Of course that is not the only thing we are doing to celebrate. I am planning her a beach party! So far this involves, sand, beach balls, some inflatable palm trees and a visit from Moana! It is a day to celebrate and F will be drawing the winners for her raffle at the party. She is my little miracle and I will forever be grateful to have her.

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