The Things We Say

So as you know I have three beautiful daughters so the topic of parenting comes up a lot amongst my friends. Now this is something that happened a couple of weeks ago but for some reason it just popped back into my head today. While we were out one of my friends said something to me that has had me thinking today. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time and it isn’t in a way but it could be for someone. It is probably something you have said yourself or heard someone else say. What she said was ‘ your gonna hate me because I’m not doing this with (insert child’s name) anymore.’

Of course I’m not going to hate her! Just because she is choosing to do something different to what I am or more her child on before I would dose not mean I will hate her. Now I know a lot of the time we say things not fully meaning them but in some case I know that we actually do. That deep down we are worried that some one will hate or judge us for our parenting choices. To be honest I think at some point we all worry about this.

It is a shame that parents constantly feel judged about their parenting choices. It is hard enough trying to parent without constantly feeling like the world is looking over your shoulder. If someone truly did hate you for choosing to do something in a different way to them, they are not your friend and who needs people like that in their lives? Not me!

I will not hate anyone for parenting differently to me. All kids are different. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. All that matters is that a child is loved and looked after.

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  1. Well said my love,we are all individuals,bringing up more individuals.Love will always show us the way to good parenting May I add,you are doing a great job with the girls,making it look easy,when,its the toughest jobs ever.However,also the most rewarding.Well said and well done Whitney xxx


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