On Monday, I had my tonsils removed. So yay! no more tonsillitis for me! Something that has plagued me since I was young but constantly told I would grow out. Which gets really annoying when your an adult being told this over and over again.  The last couple of years it has gotten really bad. My GP has no poker face so I knew before he told me that I had one of the worst cases of tonsillitis he had ever seen. So I was refereed to the hospital and now my tonsils are gone. I feel rough as hell but it should be worth it in the long run.

The hard part though isn’t the pain, I have medication for that, its the isolation. I have been told due to high risk of infection I have to stay away from people. As I’m not exactly a social butterfly I didn’t think this would be hard well I was wrong. The people I miss the most are my children. I have seen them briefly but I’m used to being with them all time so being shut away in my bedroom from them is really weird to me.  I can tell you that even though I am currently sat in bed feeling mashed up wishing I could take more pain relief mum guilt is slowly creeping in.

Now I know I have nothing to felt guilty about but I can’ help it. My other half has taken the week off to look after the kids. He is doing his best but I can hear at times him struggling and feel bad not helping out. The baby is walking all over him. She has him wrapped round his little finger. He is actually doing really well with them, even if he is a tad bit disorganised. I admit I broke quarantine to do the girls hair this morning as it was picture day. I was swiftly told off and sent back to bed after finishing their hair as doing the girls hair is just not something he is good at.

I can’t complain. I am being looked after and have spent most of my day rotating between sleeping and reading. It is just a bit lonely sat up here away from everyone.

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