A Timeless Lovestyle Review

This latest installment of the lovestyle series is probably my favourite so far. While I enjoyed the other books, there is something about this one that just warmed my heart. This may be the fourth book in the series but you don’t need to have read the others to enjoy this book. I have actually read this series out of order and still completely understood everything that is happening in each one.



Can love really be timeless?

While taking a cooling stroll alongside the river, on a hot, summer’s day, Molly Smythe stumbles and falls in. Unable to swim, the strong current pulls her down into the deep, murky depths. The year is 1860. When Charlie Rowland comes to Molly’s rescue, and pulls her from the water, she finds herself in the twenty-first century.

Charlie knows there’s something different about Molly and gains her trust, whereupon she shares her new secret with him. Molly needs to prove she is telling the truth but no one can find any record of her, or her family’s, existence in the nineteenth century. With Charlie’s help, she sets out to find what happened to her family, while not knowing if she will ever see them again.

Unfortunately, neither of them anticipated falling in love and now Molly must decide between saving her family or staying with the man she loves.

How do you choose between love and duty?

Release Date: 15th April 2020

I really liked the character of Molly. When you consider the time period she is from she coped really well. She was intelligent, strong willed and independent. She found unique ways to adjust to the new century she found herself in.

Charlie was a character that I didn’t have any particular fondness for and he seemed very arrogant to begin with. However as the story unfolded I found myself warming to him and I found he was a much better person than he originally came across as.

The love story is predictable but isn’t that the case with most romance novels? The journey Jackson set these two on was what kept me reading. I enjoyed seeing both characters grow and adapt to the odd situation they found themselves in.

Once again the descriptions were fantastic and I could really picture myself in the village. This was an enjoyable book and I highly recommend it. As this was an ARC it isn’t available yet but be ready to grab your copy come April 15th.

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