Crystal Heart cover and preorder!

After everything with my book being quite for a while, I have had a very busy week. The book now has a cover and it is available to preorder!


The cover is stunning and I can’t wait to see it printed as a book in real life.

It is really exciting seeing my book available to buy online. It almost doesn’t feel real. With how long the whole process of publication takes it almost felt like it wasn’t going to happen but Crystal Heart will be released 22/09/2020.

I’m super psyched for people to finally be able to get their hands on my book.

For anyone on netgallery advanced reader copies are available to request. Any feedback from this will be greatly appreciated as I want to know people’s opinions. Even those that aren’t good as it is the only way to improve my writing is to know what isn’t working.


I hope you enjoy getting to know Mellissa and Greg, along with all the other characters. Watch this space as I plan to share a few more details about the book and it’s characters soon.

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