If you love me, I’m yours by Lizzie Chantree Review

When I received this book I couldn’t help thinking how pretty it is. I love the cover it is cute and fits perfectly for the books genre of romance.



‘If you love me, I’m yours…’

Maud didn’t mind being boring, not really. She had a sensible job, clothes, and love life… if you counted an overbearing ex who had thanked her, rolled over and was snoring before she even realised he’d begun! She could tolerate not fulfilling her dreams, if her parents would pay her one compliment about the only thing she was passionate about in life: her art.

Dot should have fit in with her flamboyant and slightly eccentric family of talented artists, but somehow, she was an anomaly who couldn’t paint. She tried hard to be part of their world by becoming an art agent extraordinaire, but she dreamed of finding her own voice.

Dot’s brother Nate, a smoulderingly sexy and famous artist, was adored by everyone. His creative talent left them in awe of his ability to capture such passion on canvas. Women worshipped him, and even Dot’s friend Maud flushed and bumped into things when he walked into a room, but a tragic event in his past had left him emotionally and physically scarred, and reluctant to face the world again.

Someone was leaving exquisite little paintings on park benches, with a tag saying, ‘If you love me, I’m yours’. The art was so fresh and cutting-edge, that it generated a media frenzy and a scramble to discover where the mystery artist could be hiding. The revelation of who the prodigious artist was interlinked Maud, Dot and Nate’s lives forever, but their worlds came crashing down.

Were bonds of friendship, love and loyalty strong enough to withstand fame, success and scandal?


From the first chapter I was drawn in to Mauds struggle and really related to her. Her parents disbelief in her dream and the way she felt she had to hide her true self from them was heart breaking. Maud’s growth and acceptance of herself is a big part of what made this such a good read.

The rest of the characters in the story are fantastic and quirky. I loved the friendships formed as well as the blossoming romance.

Dot was a dun character. On first appearance her and Maud seem like complete opposites but as they get to know each other they actually share similar insecurities. Their friendship is  a big part of the story. I think I actually enjoyed their growing friendship more than the romance.

Nate was a nice character. He has a complicated pat but he is a loyal character. The dynamic between him and his sister was great to read.

This book felt like more than just a romance. It had great family dynamics and how hard it can be living up to our parents expectations of us.

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