A-Z of Crystal Heart

It’s September, so you know what that means… Crystal Heart is being released this month!!

Tuesday 22nd September is release day. I can’t wait for my book to be in the hands of the general public. I will be doing a bit of a countdown to the big day starting with an A-Z to Crystal Heart. I have chosen a word to go with each letter of the alphabet that tells us a little about the book. 


B- Burn

C- Changeling

D- Dreams

E- Elves

F- Forest

G- Guardian

H- Heart Crystal

I- Ice

J- Journey

K- Keeper

L- Leprechaun

M- Magic

N- Novosvillas

O- Oppression

P- Power

Q- Queen

R- Rabbit

S- Seal

T- tree of Time

U- Under pressure

V- Veil

W- Warlock

X- eXile

Z- Zap

If you want to know how each of these things relate to the story you will have to pick up a copy of Crystal Heart to find out. Watch this space for some more fun facts about the characters of Crystal Heart.


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