Meet Mellissa Hail

Crystal Heart is the story of how Mellissa discovers magic. Here is a little glimpse into her character.

Name: Mellissa Hail

Age: 18

Birthday: September 9th

Occupation: High school student

Eye colour: Brown

Hair Style: Dark brown, long wild curls

Height: 5’5


          Dad- Chris Hail

          Mother- Maggie Hail (Deceased)

Personality: Introvert, affectionate, caring, Loyal friend, Wears her heart on her sleeve. Always tries to do the right thing. Nervous, over thinker but brave. Can be insecure which leads to her acting impulsively.  

Favourite colour: Pink

Hobbies: Drawing, cooking

Mellissa artwork by @strawberiii_

You’ll get to know her character better as the story unfolds in Crystal Heart.

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