Author Interview – Felicia Baxley

This week author feature is an interview with Felicia Baxley. Felicia currently has three books released and is about to debut her first thriller in April 2021. Felicia is redirecting her writing path to embrace the genre she really enjoys. After having written two Christian lifestyles and a self help book to encourage entrepreneurs  to build their own empires; she is now debuting her first Thriller.

Behind the Blue Elevator

It was Ella’s first day of internship at the Asylum. It wasn’t what she had hoped for, but she went in with her mind made up that she would make the most of it. Soon, she found herself intrigued by a patient in the asylum, Lebannon. He was a middle-aged man who just didn’t seem to fit the bill of a patient in a psychiatric establishment. He was handsome, well-spoken, charming, and all in all seemed to be fully in his right mind. Before she knew it, she was enthralled with him. Even more so, she was captured with the story behind what ended him up at Henry Ellin Asylum. 

Before she knew it, Ella was invested in Lebannon’s recollection of his work with his previous employer, a large company that partook in work so stressful they had a lone elevator on the east side of the building known in the company as the “Suicide Elevator.” 

A company allowing employees to commit suicide if they found themselves too stressed by the work? Could this be true? Was the conspiracy to discard Lebannon because of his inside knowledge real? Or was there something much darker at play?  

Ella would soon learn more than she bargained for with her last minute internship assignment. The truth will be much more than she could have ever imagined. 

Here’s what Felicia had to say about writing and her upcoming release.

  1. What inspired you to start writing?
    I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school. I always
    enjoyed writing stories, but around middle and high school
    writing became a form of therapy. It helped me with my own
    depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Now I’m finally in a
    place to allow my writing and creative mind come together for
    entertainment and profit.
  2. How do you come up with the titles to your books?
    Anything gives me a title idea. Something I see on a drive
    somewhere. Something I hear. A random day dream. Oddly, I’m
    a little different than other writers as I come up with title ideas,
    then create a plot from that. Most other authors create the plot,
    then the title.
  3. Describe your writing space.
    I’ve turned my spare room into a closet office combo. Typically
    I would write at my desk, but since I’ve been working from
    home more during the pandemic, I’ve actually reverted back to
    writing on my laptop in bed or on the couch.
  4. You have written in three different genres Christian lifestyle,
    self help and now a thriller. Which genre has been your
    favourite to write?
    My favourite is certainly fiction. I enjoy thrillers, twists and turns, and
    adding components of surprise. This genre allows me to be the most
    creative with my writing.
  5. Behind the Blue Elevator, is you latest release. What inspired you to
    write this thriller?
    I’m probably asked this question the most often and I honestly can’t
    even remember what originally inspired me. The answer I typically give
    is a dream, because that’s typically what inspires me. I will say that once
    I fully put the plot together and determined the twist and route I was
    going to take, I was inspired to keep writing to the end.
  6. What were the key challenges you faced when writing this
    Given the concept of this book, one of the hardest things to do
    was create certain concepts that were extreme enough to mesh
    with what was happening.
  7. Are there any secrets from the book (that aren’t in the blurb),
    you can share with your readers?
    As I said on the last question, coming up with concepts for this
    book was a little difficult, and I like adding in certain things to
    see if anyone gets them. One secret is the company described
    in Behind the Blue Elevator that is so stressful the suicide
    elevator is needed is somewhat based on the 7 Deadly Sins.
Behind the blue Elevator – coming April 2021

Felicia is originally from Milledgeville, GA and has been writing since she was in elementary school. Her writing has not only helped her manage her own mental health struggles, but she helps others tell their story as well. Having written her first three books, she found a passion in helping others get their stories out in the world, sharing their testimonies and struggles. Felicia started Hustle Write Publication LLC in 2021 where she not only publishes her own fiction, but also offers ghostwriting services for those who aren’t confident in their own ability to put their words together on paper.

Through her business, she offers ghostwriting, mini coaching sessions, and shares information through a blog that encourages writers to build multiple income streams with their work.

Felicia has written the works she felt she needed to help people look into themselves, now she is excited to be writing for the purpose of entertainment. Her debut thriller, Behind the Blue Elevator releases April 2021. She hopes that it not only entertains, but paves the way for her to further help others.

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