Author Feature- Ania Kiplan

This week author feature will introduce you to Ania Kiplan a poetry and romance writer. She is also writing and reading blogger over at

Ania tends to be an overachiever with many accolades and hobbies. An English Language Arts teacher with two degrees, she took up journaling, blogging, and photography when she became a stay-at-home military wife. Delving back into her childhood writing passion with poetry, she now works on her dream to be a successful romance author and free-form poet while home with her children and furry babies.

With more and more mental awareness coming into the public eye, there has been more willingness to label people, but not necessarily to understand those battling mental illness. Instead of helping others to cope, society has just identified abnormalities. With this poetry, those with and without mental illness can explore the many symptoms of various mental diseases in the context of nature and weather as they naturally reflect daily struggles. An opportunity to learn and reflect, let these carefully and passionately crafted pieces carry you on a wind of understanding and connection with those around the world who are just as “normal” as his or her neighbors and peers.

Not all predators lurking in the shadows are unfamiliar cryptids. More commonly, they’re the same creatures we’ve come to know and maybe even love. Beings we share workplaces, classrooms, public areas, even homes with. What do you do when the very ones hunting you are staring you in the eye? Some live haunted with anxiety, waiting for the attack; some reprent their sins in hopes of being forgiven; others even torture themselves believing their demise is inevitable. Everyone has skeletons in their closets and monsters under the bed. It’s just a matter of how they deal with their demons. How do you?

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