Getting to know the characters of Crystal Heart Part 1

Getting to know your characters is a key part of writing. At least it is for me. My orginal plan for Crystal Heart looked a little different to my orginal plan. Things changed as this is because I got to know my characters better and realsied they were taking me on a completley different jounry. Greg for starters need more screen time. I know all you Greg fans are crying out, how could Greg have had any less story than he currently does!

There are things that had to change as they did not fit my characters personalities and I had to do them justice. So today I’m going to share my mood boards for the two main characters of Crystal Heart.

So here are the main two’s mood boards.

As you can see green is a theme colour for both Mellissa and Greg. I found creating these boards helped me to think about my characters and get to know them better. It was also fun creating them and the visuals helped.

I have come to care about my characters and I have a habit of talking about them like they are real people. But I find that is the best way to really get into their heads, especially when writing form their POV. Mellissa and Greg are my Autumn girl and sweet summer child. My other half says I’m crazy but it works for me!

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