Review: Sirens of Los Angeles by Caedis Knight

I was promised a steamy paranormal romance full of magic, sirens and a sassy lead, so of course I just had to check this book out! And the writing duo known as Caedis Knight did not not disappoint.


Find out how Saskia de la Cruz became a reporter for paranormal newspaper The Blood Web Chronicle in this delicious prequel novella. Saskia is a Verity Witch – her only magic being that she can tell the truth from a lie. When she sets off for the glitzy shores of Malibu to spend spring break with her sister Mikayla, her one goal is to forget her university worries and issues with outdated witch hierarchies, and drown them in surfer six-packs and tequila cocktails. But when local influencers and male models start washing up ashore, drained of their youth, Saskia knows something wicked dwells in the deep. Which is perfectly fine because she plans on staying the hell away from the water! That is until her powerful, siren-obsessed sister disappears, and the search leads Saskia deeper than she ever thought possible. Accompanied by beautiful but suspicious surfers Eden and Zee, Saskia will have to travel for her answers to the home of Hollywood’s vainest residents – the ocean floor.

I was immediately drawn into the world in this book. The description are so vivid, it felt like I was sat on the beach with the sisters.

Saskia is stubborn, independent and strong. I love how she takes control of her life.

The story really is about Saskias love for her sister. She gets her self into so much trouble for her. The sisters seem to be opposites but there is more going on with Mikayla. It was frustrating how these two didn’t communicate properly. It’s clear they care about each other and I just wanted to shake Mikayla and shout ‘tell her what’s going on!’

The story was fast paced, steamy and fully of witty comebacks. I can’t wait for the next one.

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