Review: Witches of Barcelona by Caedis Knight

Having loved the first book vampires of Moscow and the Novella Sirens of Los Angeles I couldn’t wait to read the latest instalment of Saskias adventures.


Saskia de la Cruz is a Verity Witch and investigative reporter for The Blood Web Chronicle, the biggest news outlet on the paranormal Blood Web.

After escaping murderous Vampires in snowy Moscow, Saskia can’t imagine a more difficult or more dangerous mission. That is until her editor sends her to Barcelona to investigate a high profile disappearance at the Mage Association, which just happens to be run by her evil mother Solina.

Saskia’s plan is to spend as little time in Barcelona as possible, until she meets three junior members of the MA who know more than they let on – including information on Saskia’s missing sister, Mikayla. Among her new leads is Catalan bruixa Luisa, who has a hold over Saskia stronger than any magic.

It doesn’t take long until Saskia finds herself under the glittering spell of MA high society, where morals are few and magic is law. Can Saskia escape the clutches of a world that’s always been dangerous for her, before it turns deadly?

Just as like the others the story is fast paced, full of magic, sassy remarks and oh so steamy.

This time Saskia travels to Barcelona and has to deal with the politics of the MA and her mother.

We meet some new Paras, Crow shifters and Fae. I enjoyed seeing Saskia develop new relationships. We also get to see more of her past and this gives us a deeper understanding of the character.

The theme of grief and loss are weaved throughout the story. Knight does this so well and tugs at the heart strings

The descriptions in the book are wonderful. I felt fully emerged in story, as if I had traveled to Barcelona with Saskia.

Once again there is a gorgeous cover. I also loved the inclusion of the sigils for each of the witch faction at the beginning of the book. The design gone into these books are stunning.

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