Crystal Heart Update

So I finally have an update on Crystal Heart as series for you. It has been a long time coming. It has been very frustrating that I haven’t been able to update you so far with what is happening with book 2. I have been working very hard on writing the story that Mellissa and Greg deserve but that isn’t all. I have been in talks with my publisher about the future of the series and after a lot of discussion we have agreed it would be best for us to part ways.

The problem is our ideas around the direction of the series didn’t to match up. The series was initially signed as four books. However the publisher decided they wanted the story to be changed to a trilogy. I tried to make this work but the writing suffered trying to cram everything into three books that was originally planned out as four. So after lots of talks we agreed the series would suffer if we went ahead like that and that I am now free to publish the series as I originally envisioned it.

I will admit I was initially very annoyed and upset by this change. However, I am now very excited to have this freedom. Especially as I have managed to get them to agree to revert Crystal Heart back to me! This means that the whole series will be getting a redesign.

If you have the original copy of Crystal Heart it will now be like a collectors item as this version will be going out of circulation soon.

The new version of Crystal Heart will the launching later this year. I hope to be able to reveal the new cover next month. So far it is looking good. I am finally starting to get excited about my series again, as I had lost some love for my writing when trying to shape it to what someone else wanted. The story flows so much better when I have the freedom to let it naturally develop.

This also means you will finally be getting book 2! I shall reveal the title to you this fall and it will be released spring 2022.

If you want to grab the current version of Crystal Heart before it goes off the shelves here is your chance! It is currently on offer and under £4! (price correct as of 18/08/2021)

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