Glowing Heart cover and pre-order!

The sequel to crystal heart is almost here! Glowing Heart is to be released 04/04/2022. The e-book is now available to pre-order

I absolutely love the cover design for this book and the design for the inside is also coming along nicely. This book has been a long time coming and I cannot wait for it to be in the hands of readers


When eighteen year old, Mellissa Hail, met the magical Changeling Gregory her life changed forever. Together they saved the world, but each gained new responsibilities.

With Mellissa set to become the Elf Queen and Gregory now an elder of the Changelings the new challenges of leadership take its toll.

As the two struggle with balancing their duties and personal lives, a new dark power threatens the world. Dark secrets from the past leave Melissa and Gregory unsure who to trust, including each other.

A mysterious young pixie could hold the answers needed to save the world, but can Mellissa keep him safe?

<a href="http://<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src="//" >Pre-order today!

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